I’ve got my reading mojo back

As of May 31st 2021, I can officially say I got my reading mojo back, and I didn’t need to leave the country to find a toy boy to get my groove back. I’ve officially passed the number of books I read for the whole of 2020. That number was 27, and at the time […]

Black Woman Reading

This year I will read more

I spent the first weekend of 2021 planning what books I would like to read, as I have finally got my reading mojo back and this was my new year’s resolution. I’ve previously shared it was a challenge to read in 2020, but I have definitely got my groove back into reading and have been […]

Day 100 of the lockdown reflections

1st of July 2020.The past 100 days have been interesting to say the least a mixture of LOW LOWS and some highs.It started off with the cancellation of two holidays (Puerto Rico/ New York and Barbados) as the realisation that plans made in 2019 would not be materialise. Thankfully, I got my Afro Nation ticket […]

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