Is this what 50 looks like? Black Women’s Hour at 50 (episodes)

Followers of me on Twitter will know that I’ve been a regular on the Black Woman’s Hour podcast for the past two years. The anniversary of my debut on the pod has just passed. And you may recall, I joined as a guest on episode 3, and it’s nice to think we are still going…

I’ve got my reading mojo back

As of May 31st 2021, I can officially say I got my reading mojo back, and I didn’t need to leave the country to find a toy boy to get my groove back. I’ve officially passed the number of books I read for the whole of 2020. That number was 27, and at the time…

This year I will read more

I spent the first weekend of 2021 planning what books I would like to read, as I have finally got my reading mojo back and this was my new year’s resolution. I’ve previously shared it was a challenge to read in 2020, but I have definitely got my groove back into reading and have been…

Day 100 of the lockdown reflections

1st of July 2020.The past 100 days have been interesting to say the least a mixture of LOW LOWS and some highs.It started off with the cancellation of two holidays (Puerto Rico/ New York and Barbados) as the realisation that plans made in 2019 would not be materialise. Thankfully, I got my Afro Nation ticket…

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