Emperor: The Blood of Gods by Conn Iggulden


What made me choose this book?

I went to a school called Haydon School, where a young English teacher affectionately known as Iggy taught. I was never taught by him, but he did teach one of my younger sisters. I was aware that he had stopped teaching and turned to writing, so when I saw I could potentially read his book as part of the general book reviews through my work I really hoped that I would get my first choice.


This is the fifth and final chapter in the Emperor series by Iggulden, and as with his previous work it uses the historical back drop of Ancient Rome to tell a tale. This fictional story begins immediately after the assassination of Julius Caesar through to the rise of power of Caesar’s adopted son, Octavian – and everything else in between. As you would expect with a story taking place in a post Caesar’s Rome – Mark Antony, Brutus, and Cassius also feature

Despite being part of a series, the book did not need knowledge of Iggulden’s the preceding episodes in this series, as this was the first of all his books that I had read. In addition, my lack of familiarity regarding his previous work did not hinder my enjoyment at all. Consequently, it has inspired me to read the earlier books to see what inspired the main players to act the way they did.

The book is well written and extremely engaging. As the reader, I did feel that this could happen as the historical detail was a true star of the book.



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