Is it bad to be lovely?

What is lovely?

It is about  being lovely – behaving in ways that others will often refer as lovely as in, ‘ah he/ she’s lovely.’

So I’ve just finished reading The Curse of Lovely by Jacqui Marson. I’m not sure what made me pick up the book – as the back did not have a blurb to give away what lay between the covers. However, the book is definitely one I would say was written for ME.

imageI’m a person many would describe as having the affliction of being lovely/ too nice/ having people take advantage of my kindness.

What did I learn?

The biggest lesson I learnt was to really put myself first. Time  and time again I worry about hurting other people’s feelings to the detriment of my own. I’ve literally had a near death experience as a result of not wanting to upset a friend – I nearly wrote off my car, when I fell asleep at the wheel after giving someone a lift home on the other side of London. I need to remember that people wouldn’t necessarily do the same for me.

I will be applying the rules I learnt from ‘The Curse of Being Lovely’, in all aspects of my life. I can honestly say that if I had read this book years ago I wouldn’t have made certain life choices, because it would have been all about me, rather than him/ her or them.

The best lesson I’ve taken from the book is to document daily, the three positive things that have happened to me. By doing so, it means I’m focusing on the positive rather than the negative. It will also mean that I will celebrate even the most minor of successes.

Would I recommend?

Yes – the lessons in the book aren’t earth shattering, but the fact it gave me an opportunity to reflect on my interactions means someone else may get equal value from it.

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