How to Think Like Steve Jobs by Daniel Smith

The latest offering from the writer who brought us How to Think Like Sherlock, Go Figure, Is Their Alot Wrong With This Centence?, The Language of London  and Think You Know It All? can be described as a combination of a brief introduction into the life and times of Steve Jobs and a collection of quotes and anecdotes.


The book was an easy read that opened and closed with the death of Steve Jobs on 5 October 2011 and looked at the impact the man had on the world. Despite the title, the book does not really give any new insights into what made Steve Jobs tick if the reader, like myself called themselves a ‘Mac person’ rather than a ‘PC’ . It is better described as a condensed biography with each chapter beginning with a quote from Jobs himself. 

‘How to think…’ also looks at some of the influences Jobs had, and attempted to marry the influences and inspirations that someone like Thomas Edison, the American inventor, or Akio Morita, the founder of Sony Electronics had with the journey of Steve Jobs. However, due to the précised nature of the book this was not explored in depth.

The book is correct in its summation that Steve Jobs has left a lasting impact, nearly two years after his death. This was brought home to me as I read the whole book accompanied by a soundtrack played through one of the most recognised devices in the world – the iPhone. And as many tweeters shared in the hours after his death, the world is defined by three apples: 

The one that Eve ate, the one that dropped on Newton’s head and the one that Steve built’

Anyone interested in Apple as a company or Steve Jobs as a man will find this a quick and enjoyable read.

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