Faster Than Lightning: My Autobiography by Usain Bolt

The autobiography Faster than Lightening by the double triple-gold medal Olympian Usain Bolt charts his story from his humble beginnings in Sherwood Content, Trelawny through to becoming one of the most recognisable men in the sport. In keeping with the personality many have seen at the trackside,

Bolt’s narration reflects his playful nature as he retells his take on his journey to become the ‘Fastest Man in the World’.

The book was an easy read that had me laughing out loud in parts – particularly during his recollection of his childhood and teenaged years, when he first entered the world stage. His triumphs on the track were matched by his personal victory of overcoming scoliosis – a spinal condition that could have ended his illustrious career before it had got out of the starting blocks. There were however many poignant moments on the way that were also covered with equal pathos.

Faster Than Lightning also gives an insight into what makes Bolt the ‘Lightning Bolt’, looking at his running style as a result of his stature and also the mental preparations he undertook – he runs first for himself and then his country. Despite being a winner, the hunger to remain the best is present from beginning to end.

This book is definitely a must read for those with an interest in one of sport’s most engaging personalities, as well as those who miss the warm glow of the London in the Summer of 2012.

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