I got my hands on Tiana and Naveen

Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen – I had to buy Black dolls for the girlies. #disney #toysforgirls

When I went to New York for work, I ventured into the Disney Store at Times Square. For those that know me, they know my most important job in life is that I’m an aunty and god mother. I take my role seriously, and helping guide these children in the UK where they are bombarded with images of Western standards of beauty has meant me making important lifestyle choices.

It’s why they have seen my hair in various natural states and braided styles. It’s why I let them play hairdresser on my hair and watch me blend shea and coconut oil together, so they can see natural hair isn’t a burden.

Anyway, I digress. Back to Times Square… Entering the store I went up to the first floor (second to those on  the other side of the Atlantic) and I was overcome by the sight of a queue going into the castle in the middle of the store. My interest piqued, as I could see a flash of green, I joined the queue.

And what was at the end of this queue… but an array of Black and brown dolls. The centre piece was covered in characters from The Princess and the Frog. In addition, they also had the It’s A Small World Collection with dolls wearing traditional dress from around the world, singing It’s A Small World in their language.

I obviously had to buy a number of dolls so I could ensure my babies back home received dolls that looked like them.

I’ll be holding onto them until Christmas, as I know they will be happy to recieve this little bit of Disney magic.

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