Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou

“Maya Angelou, you are really so great. You really are our Shakespeare, and I thank you for this chance. I am going to do it well and you are going to be proud of me’

Mom & Me & Mom, Maya Angelou p. 161

On reading that above passage, it summed up the feelings I have for Dr Maya Angelou. I begun reading her latest book Mom & Me & Mom on the eve of her 85th birthday and finished it as the sun set on that auspicious occasion. When the current list of books arrived, for the April book reviews, I was really pleased I got my first choice, as Dr Maya Angelou is in my top 5 list of inspirational women.

I first came across Maya when we had to read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings at school. When I had dreams of being a writer, I wanted to be half as good as her. 

The manner in which she is able to convey emotion through words on a page is an amazing gift. I enjoyed the book from cover to cover, as the book read in my mind like a love letter to her mother, as the relationship between Maya and her mother, Vivian Baxter, grew.

She was first Vivian, then Lady B and finally Mother or Mom. The narrative shows a natural split between when Maya needed Vivian as a mother, and when they became friends.

Despite the pain Maya has experienced this was never dwelt on as the primary purpose of the book was clearly about the bond a mother and daughter has. One could say that the the underlying message is Love Conquers All.

Would I recommend: Most definitely yes. It once again reaffirmed that Maya Angelou is an amazing writer. It has also made me want to revisit her earlier work with my adult eyes

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