Black History is British History

As we enter the penultimate day of Black History Month 2020 I have to say the subject matter of the TV documentary programming has been one of the most diverse I can remember.

Thank you to all who contributed to the programme making. From the different types of music programmes I definitely recommend Black Classical Music: A Forgotten History (BBC) through to all the documentaries about Black people’s contribution to other arts and culture (three different documentaries about comedy – Mo Gilligan’s (we saw you Thanyia Moore) , Lennie Henry’s and Danny John Jules & Craig Charles) on ITV, Channel 4 and Gold, Enslaved by Samuel L Jackson on BBC 1 and Uneven Fairways a doc about African American golfers (Sky Golf).

I also liked the Alison Hammond: Back to School. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Alison present a TV show. So kudos to this one. So many programmes about sporting pioneers including Clive Sullivan, the first Black rugby league captain as well as docs about football and cricket players. Cricket isn’t my sport but it was still interesting.

The fact Sorry I Didn’t Know presented by Jimmy O Akingbola, with Chizzy Akudolu and Judi Love as captains also broadcast through this month, also highlighted some of the people featured in these docs on the panel show, showing another way our stories can be told. Well done again to the team. And yes ITV better commission you for more years to come.

For those who said Black History Month was all about broadcasting Black pain, I say to you maybe this is what you are drawn to. Or maybe you just want to moan, as its all about moaning for moaning sake. Black History is British History so I hope that these types of programmes continue throughout the other 11 months. Most of the shows mentioned can still be found on demand.

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