Previously on (March 2021)…

Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks

Did you catch up on the happenstances on our favourite TV shows? Well, if not, here’s a summary of what happened to the Black characters over in EastCorrieDaleOaks in March. Due to the continuing Covid restrictions, filming continues to be done in blocks so the progression of stories is taking just that little longer to come to a conclusion – as we may not see a character on screen for weeks at a time.

As per usual, we begin the round up with Eastenders. It’s revealed that the health related secret Isaac Baptiste (played by Steve Basuala) has been carrying is that he has schizophrenia, which was diagnosed a few years ago, which he has under control with medication, sleep and exercise. Due to the progression of his relationship with Lola (Danielle Howard) he felt comfortable to share this information about himself.

Fonzie jumping the shark in Happy Days is the reason why we have the term jump the shark today 😂

Denise Fox (Diane Parish), Chelsea (Zaraah Abraham) and Lucas (Don Gilet) are still on a mission to carry out the drug smuggling plan TO IBIZA. If you read the February round up, you’ll know my eyes were rolling at how ludicrous this storyline is. Denise is wrought with guilt at not telling her detective boyfriend Jack (Scott Maslen) about her kidnapping and the predicament of Chelsea, so she finally does the sensible thing and trusts her partner with her secret regarding Chelsea. Chelsea, being a self centred overgrown girl child, is not best pleased and tries to seduce Jack to put him in a compromising position, much to the chagrin of her parents. Lucas realises Chelsea is extremely manipulative as he overheard Chelsea try to blackmail Jack, which lead to him trying to teach Chelsea not to be selfish, by sacrificing himself and handed himself in at the airport with the illicit package in his hand luggage. We last see Lucas beaten up behind bars, by associates of Caleb. He tells Chelsea to go and live her life and walk away (Chelsea co-operated with the police and handed Caleb in).

It wasn’t all doom and gloom with the Foxes, as Kim (Tameka Empsom) continues to provide comic relief with her Fox Catcher dating business. She set Mila (Ruhtxjiaïh Bèllènéa), the new barmaid at The Albert up with Iqra. Mila reveals that she is in hiding from her homophobic family. In addition, Kim has been arranging a Sharon is leaving The Queen Vic party – which doubles up as a promo party for Fox Catcher. And Jack also proposed to Denise. Finally, Patrick (Rudolph Walker) was elated at getting his second covid vaccine.

Over at the Bakers, Keegan Butcher-Baker (Zack Morris) is not happy that his wife Tiffany, at the encouragement of Dotty, has taken up hosting at Ruby’s, for extra money, without discussing it with him first. Keegan is also trying to establish his business, and trying to get a bank loan. Meanwhile, his sister Bailey (Kara Leah-Fernandes) is devastated that the family dog, Bronson, had to be put to sleep as the family can’t afford the vet bills to keep him alive.

Going over to Coronation Street I was nearly correct when I thought Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan), Ed’s (Trevor Michael Georges) brother onto the cobbles may have had an affair with Aggie (Diana Laidlaw) years ago, and that he may be the father of the off screen daughter, Dee Dee, who has been mentioned in passing. However, it’s revealed that Aggie dated Ronnie before meeting Ed, and didn’t know they were brothers, however she never told Ed. Ronnie on the other hand, thought that he was Michael’s father. Ronnie is staying at The Rovers, and Jennie is warned by Eddie that Ronnie has a wandering eye. All the above was taking place against the backdrop of Michael becaming a father, as Grace went into labour in Freshco’s locked office after being falsely accused of shoplifting whilst shopping for her baby shower/ gender reveal. I have to say the acting of Michael and Grace leaves a lot to be desired. Aggie scenes were conducted via an iPad and was able to deliver her role the best she could. However, it’s a shame this storyline had to take place during this Panini, as it may have had a bit more emotion and gravitas.

On the other side of the Pennines, in Emmerdale  Nate (Jurell Carter) has become a father to a baby girl called Frankie. The month began with his father, Cain Dingle, rejecting him (again) as he decided to support the idea of his gran, Faith, staying in the village. Father and son reconciled after an intervention from Tracy. As the new parents adjust to parenthood, Nate gets advice from Tracy’s ex husband (David) on about letting Tracy pamper herself, and also that she should maybe express milk so they can spread the workload. Tracy does not respond to this well. This would really be an opportune time for Nate’s mum to come and visit, but as we already know Emmerdale is the place Black women fail to tread, so I won’t hold my breath regarding her making an appearance in the village. Instead, they opt for Faith to move in as a live in nanny.

Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) continued to feel the fallout of his dalliance with Debbie Dingle whilst being engaged to Priya Sharma. Working with Priya proves a problem. His son Ellis (Aaron Anthony) sympathised with Priya regarding her maltreatment at the hand of his father. One thing lead to another, so in order to express his condolences Ellis spent the night with Priya. Following a conversation with his elder brother Billy (Jay Kontzie), Ellis decides that he doesn’t want to be like his father leading to him telling her it was a mistake. Can we call him a wasteman and done?

Finally, Meena is trying to encourage Manpreet to leave Rishi for Charles (Kevin Mathurin). Why Meena is so eggs up in her sister’s business, we are yet to find out. Manpreet admits she still loves him, and asks him to leave the village. Charles, however, is settling into the life of the village, particularly as his colleague Harriet is struggling with some personal issues and ‘gone to a retreat’. He also lets her know that even if he had feelings he would never act on them. On meeting Andrea Tate there’s a definite connection between them, and they have their first date.

In Hollyoaks, Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood) agreed to take part in a dodgy deal with Brad King (Trish Minniver’s boyfriend) – steal laptops from Fergus Collins (Trish’s ex boyfriend) with Warren Fox (Felix’s “brother from their time in care”. His family finds out about this plot, who are obviously not supportive. We are also reminded that Felix has another child called DeMarcus – not that we ever hear of visits to DeMarcus or vice versa. Regardless of the views of his biological family, Felix agrees to do the robbery for Warren. The robbery goes wrong and Martine (Kéllé Bryan) sees Felix in the aftermath. The friendship with Warren is broken, as Felix gets the blame.

As this is a round up of the Black characters I will make a passing mention to the worst soap actors during lockdown AJ and Curtis Pritchard, who made their Hollyoaks debut. Their appearance received a lot of criticism, and rightly so as a child playing Sheep No. 1 in the school Nativity play aged 3 is Oscar worthy by comparison.

Over at Holby City, three episodes take place over a number of days, rather than weekly due to the conclusion of bad by Cameron. As I predicted in the February round up, Holby isn’t known for people getting away with crimes so it was a relief to see this arc come to an end the way it did. Nicky (Belinda Owusu) is coming to terms with her shock pregnancy to Cameron, before he announced it to the whole ward. Nicky realises Cameron is not as invested in having a baby as she is, as he was disinterested in feeling the baby’s first kick. The realisation of why Cameron is preoccupied hits Nicky – he’s kidnapped Ange Goddard (consultant general surgeon on AAU). The story arc reaches its crescendo and Nicky is instrumental, alongside Donna Jackson (Jaye Jacobs) in bringing Cameron down. Following Cameron’s arrest Nicky struggles with the decision as to whether she should keep the baby or not. She decides to leave Holby and keep the baby. Her last scene is with Louis McGerry (Tyler Luke Cunningham), who has written a note that says I should have fought harder for you.

Whilst all this kidnapping was going on, Louis is confronted with a face from his past, Vicki, as she is the victim of an assault. Due to their past (Louis used to steal to get by), Vicki tells Louis that she owes her ex money hence her assault. Louis tries to rectify the situation by tryng to borrow £2000 from his mum Max McGerry (Jo Martin). Unfortunately, Max can’t lend him the money, but she lets her mum (Dona Croll), who is being treated for a stroke due to metastatic brain cancer (caused by the genetic BRCA gene), know about the situation. Her mother agrees to lend Louis the money, on the proviso Louis attends a detransitioning seminar at the church. Obviously, Louis rejects the offer and proceeds to steal hospital iPads to cover Vicki’s debt. This is not before Louis is also embroiled in the Cameron saga, as he witnessed Cameron in the hospital, and when he tried to raise the alarm about seeing Cameron, he was stabbed by Vicki, so Lord knows why Louis would want to help out someone who had assaulted him. As can be seen, Max McGerry has had to juggle challenges in her personal and professional life this month.

Following Ange’s kidnapping, Josh Hudson (Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge) become closer, following her abduction and eventually sleep together. You know this will be a bit dramatic, as Ange is his superior, but time will tell.

Alex Duval (Miles Mitchell) tells Donna Jackson (Jaye Jacobs) that he is leaving Holby, following their ‘first date’, following the revelation that the cyclist who killed Xavier had passed away.

Finally, in Casualty, Tina Mollett (Adele James) has started her first ED shift as an agency nurse. Due to her relationship with Jacob Masters (Chucky Venn), Tina receives a frosty reception from Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing). It will be interesting to see how Tina and Jacob can balance working together and being in a relationship, as life on the ED is stressful at the best of times.

Let me know what you think will happen in the next month in these soaps/ continuing dramas over the next month?

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Who we said goodbye to: Lucas Johnson, Nicky McKendrick, Alex Duval

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