Against White Feminism – Book Review

Against White Feminism by Rafia Zakaria is a collection of essays which explores how what the mainstream perceives as feminism is actually a whitewash of the theories put forward by Black and Brown women, and often detrimental to those women in the West feminist thought claims to be saving.

Written through the lens of being of Pakistani origin and living in the United States of America, Zakaria explored how the feminist movement has waged white privilege against other oppressed women around the world. I found this to be an interesting position to take as we have all witnessed how the war on terror had blonde poster girls from the US armed forces juxtaposed against the images of veiled Muslim women. 

I particularly enjoyed the section where the commoditisation of the LGBTQIA was explored. It is  something all of us have seen as we walk down the high streets during Pride month particularly 

The labelling of honour killing being exclusively a Black/ Brown phenomenon was also something that challenged my own thoughts. We have seen women of all races killed by the men in their lives, however terms such as honour killing have othered Black or Brown women and made the crime seem like something unique to us. 

As someone who has read books challenging feminist thought from a Black perspective, so it was refreshing to see feminism challenged from an Asian/ Muslim perspective. Against White Feminism is definitely not a book that is anti white women, but does ask that our intersections are taken into consideration. 

I also enjoyed the fact the book was more global than other books I have read on this subject, and it tackled themes that were both contemporary and historical in equal measure. I would definitely recommend the Against White Feminism to anyone one interested in critical race theories, feminist thought and the intersectionality within it.  The book will be challenging for some who think they are already allies but are not displaying true allyship. I would also suggest you read my review on Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall whick explores similar themes but from an African American perspective.

***Thank you Netgalley and Penguin Books for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.***

For my 2021 reading challenge, this book fulfils the book by a Muslim author prompt in the Popsugar challenge.

Against White Feminism by Rafia Zakaria is available NOW, so why not check it out today/

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