As George Benson and Whitney Houston famously sang “I believe the children are our future” in The Greatest Love of all, they really are if they have access to books such as “A Multicultural Picnic” by Victor Dias de Oliviera and illustrated by Eszter Miklas. It is a charming multimedia picture book that champions the […]

Just finished reading Black Heroes: A Black History Book for Kids: 51 Inspiring People from Ancient Africa to Modern-Day U.S.A by Arlisha Norwood. It’s currently free on Kindle Unlimited. The children’s book includes heroes from across the diaspora. I loved the fact the book included those from pre and post colonial mainland Africa – such […]

R.A. Montgomery, author and publisher of the Choose Your Own Adventure children’s book series has passed away. As a child, I used to spend hours reading Choose Your Own Adventure books. My book shelves heaved with them. They took me to deserts, space, haunted houses and many other places – from within the walls of my North […]