It’s been a while

So according to my timeline, it’s been over two years since I last made a post. It’s also apt that this post follows one about procrastination, as it is quite obvious that this has not been a priority and that some would even sayt

To be honest, it  feels like it was only the other day.

Anyway, I promise (to myself) that going forward I will put my fingers to my keyboard more frequently.

So what has happened since the last time I wrote…

Well I did do Tough Mudder. I can’t imagine doing it again, as my fitness levels now resemble that of a sloth. The reason for my inertia isn’t because I am lazy, but rather the fact I have had some ongoing health issues – I’ve had three operations in 2018, and have fluctuated between not being able to speak, preparing for an operation and then recovering from the said operation.

Spending the past 17 months or so in this state has lead me to embark on a lot of self reflection. Some people pay to go to retreats for this imposed silence, and I got it for free. I guess my attitude to this is glass half full now. I have had to adjust to having a voice that I have been told resembles MC Creed, one of Marge Simpson’s sisters, a sex line worker or a pre throat lozenge advert. It could be worse, it could be cancer.

MC Creed

Patty and Selma

During the first period of imposed silence, I rediscovered my love of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have to say I love it bar Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor Ragnorok.

I’ve travelled. I’ve been to Ghana, Spain (discovered kizomba), France, Grenada, Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica the United States and Ireland.

Oh and I’ve read a lot. I’m going to try to write more in depth reviews of the books I have read. I plan to read more African authors – and would love to be able to say I’ve read a book by an author from each of the 54 African countries. This will obviously take  time but as I intend to be around for a while, it is a realistic goal.

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