Sunset over the ocean

So according to my timeline, it’s been over two years since I last made a post. It’s also apt that this post follows one about procrastination, as it is quite obvious that this has not been a priority and that some would even sayt To be honest, it  feels like it was only the other […]

My motivation after my first run seemed to take a nose dive around the time the clocks went back. I’ve found excuses not to go out and exercise… namely it’s cold or dark or cold and dark. Anyway, being in my training group means that there really is no space for my continuing slacking. The […]

A few weeks ago, or maybe a couple of months back, one of my friends (Emma) asked me if I was up for taking part in Tough Mudder. Me and my fast self decided to make this a Facebook post and a few other friends said they would take part. Upon reflection, sense set in, […]