Who sent me?

A few weeks ago, or maybe a couple of months back, one of my friends (Emma) asked me if I was up for taking part in Tough Mudder.

Me and my fast self decided to make this a Facebook post and a few other friends said they would take part. Upon reflection, sense set in, and they decided not to participate. However, I didn’t follow their lead and I was determined this would be my personal challenge. The benefits of the challenge (if it didn’t kill me first) was that I would:

  • Complete a half marathon
  • Improve my overall fitness levels
  • Get bikini fit in time for the 2017 carnival season

My cousins said they would also form a team with me. On the day before early bird registration my cousins said that they had formed their own team and would now compete against me 😐. This meant Emma and myself having registered were now teamless but determined.

Luckily, one of my other friends had also registered to do Tough Mudder London West and he said that Emma and myself could join. 


Turns out I know a couple of the team to say hi to. They are generally fitter than me, but my competitive streak means I will get off my butt and run. 

First things first, join the team on the Runkeeper app and commit to running a total of 5 miles in a week.

Secondly, spend 4 days looking guiltily at the app whilst the rest of the team start running.

Thirdly, I finally put on my running shoes today (Thursday 20 October) and realise that my cardio fitness levels are shocking. I ran 2.8 miles in 40 minutes. How can I spend hours dancing and can’t manage running for longer than 5 minutes before I feel I need to stop as my chest explodes. I had to go back home for my inhaler (remembering my mum said I should have spoken to my doctor to see if it was cool for me to actually commit what could be a long drawn out suicide). 

So I’ve set the benchmark, which is really low, for myself so the only way is up.

For those that don’t know what I’m talking, about check out the Tough Mudder website,  and you can see why I really should have asked at the time “Who sent me?”

I’m planning to blog my progress from couch to mud and electric shocks  I hope my blogging doesn’t falter at the first hurdle.

I ran to songs from Trinidad carnival 2016 as it’s my motivation to get as close to a six pack as I can by February  (to wear my expensive feathers and bikini).


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